Where can I start the auto mailer?

First configure all auto mailer settings in Options -> Auto Mailer (try the test button). After that you can import emails and enable the checkbox called "Automailer enabled" under the box where the emails are listed.

Is it possible to parse more than one URL at a time?

Yes it is. Configure everything for the "URL as start" option and then click Project->Import->URLs and load a textfile that has one URL at each line (has to start with http:// or https://).

Is there a way to only get phone/fax numbers with a specific area code?

You have to go to Options->Keywords->Phone/Fax, click right mouse button->add and enter just the prefix number

I want to use my private proxies but there is no way for me to input my login and password.

You can use private proxies if you use the following syntax: login:password:host

Why can't I spider more than 1000 search engines results?

Thats because all major search engines only return 1000 results as a maximum. You have to use different keyword combinations if you want to get different results

Are there any providers that let me send out unlimited E-Mails?

Yes, try MailJet or SendGrid. Though they require you to pay for it.

Will the software work on my PC?

That is hard to tell since each PC is different. Nowadays it's hard to make a software work on all machines. Anyway that's why you have a demo version to download for every software you can buy from us. Just download it from the product page and test it as much as you want. Simply tell us if you have trouble with it and we will try to fix the problem so that the software works on your PC as well. Also let us know if you are missing some feature and we will added it on the next update.

Will the software work on MAC/Linux (anything other than Windows)?

No. All our software was build for Microsoft Windows 9X/XP/2000/Vista or compatible (e.g. ReactOS). However you can try running our software with an emulator just like Wine for Linux or VMWare for Mac. That will almost work on every OS.

My Virus scanner is reporting a virus in your product.

This can hardly be possible. Most likely it's a false positive alert by the virus scanner. We put a lot effort into our products to make them as secure as possible. However some of virus scanner today tag every suspicious file as virus also it is just modified by a protector. We also use tools to protect our products from hackers and crackers, but sometimes a virus scanner thinks it's a virus. In most cases this is fixed by the anti-virus software on the next update.

Is it safe to pay over your service?

Yes it is. We work together with two of the biggest companies in online payment business for shareware authors. That is Avantage or Plimus. Both are certified by Verisign, MasterCard and several other companies who verify online services for there security. All information you enter are only visible to those companies and will only be used to handle the order of our products. Even we as the software developer have no access to your data. So even if you don't trust us, you can trust our payment partners 100%.

What payment methods are available?

Simply click on the BuyNow/Order button. There are several methods listed on the resulting web page (Credit card, phone, fax, wire transfer, PayPal, ...).

Can I order by Western Union?

No, sorry but we don't offer any other payment methods then the once you see when clicking the BuyNow/Order button.

Can I get the product on a physical CD?

Yes that's possible. Even if you can always download it from our web site, some people prefer something in there hands. On the order web page you can choose that option to have the product on CD and shipped to your address. The shipping times are as follow: US Domestic Shipping 7-14 days, Canada Shipping 9-16 days, International 12-21 days.

How fast do I receive my product after ordering it?

That depends on how you want to pay. If you pay by credit card it's usually the quickest method. You will receive the license data almost the minute you ordered it (sometimes it takes longer). If you choose other payment methods it can take a while especially if you choose to pay by wire transfer. Anyway on all methods no interaction is required by us as developer. The license data will be sent to you even if noone from us is in office. It's all automated. More can be found on our payment processors homepage.

What does VAT mean and what should I enter there?

VAT is a number that is required for European companies who don't want to pay taxes. You can leave this number blank if you don't know what it is or if you don't need it.

The order form says my VAT number is not valid.

That can happen in rare situations where your VAT number is not an international one. We in Germany had to request a special VAT number that could be use international. In this case simply leave the VAT blank and get your taxes back later.

What does Extended Download service mean?

It means that you can always download the product from our payment collector even if our website is offline or we as a company no longer exist. This option is for very skeptic people who don't trust us as a developer and prefer to trust big companies as Avantage or Plimus who have been in business for many years. However you can leave this option unchecked since you will always be able to download the products from our website.

Will I get an invoice?

You will get an invoice with every order. If you haven't, we will send you one on request.

Are there any volume discounts available?

Sorry but we have no discounts for now.

Why is the invoice not having your VAT number and address on it?

That's because the payment collector sits in the USA and handles everything for us. This means that the products rights went to the payment collector the minute you bought it. This has to be done to avoid legal issues and problems. But this also means that the person from whom you buy something is the payment collector and not we as a software developer. Anyway this doesn't make a difference for you as all your questions for the product will will be answered by us.

I have made a purchase, what do I do next?

Simply wait for the email you will get. Our payment system will send you the license information as soon as the order data has been verified. If all was OK, you will get the license data and download link in that email and instructions how to continue. If the order wasn't successful, you will get an email as well and help in it.

Why did my order fail?

That's hard to tell, especially for us as a software developer. We have no access to your data and can also not tell you details why your order failed. Most likely it's a problem with your credit card or bank account. Sometimes a order gets refused because your credit card country and the IP country from where your online is not the same. Sometimes it's also a spelling problem with the name or address you have entered. In such a case it would be better to contact the payment collector directly and ask for assistance. Anyway a failed order doesn't happen very often and you shouldn't worry about it until it happened.

Where do I enter the license information?

Almost all of our products will show you a demo pop-up with buttons Register, Buy Now and OK. Just click on the Register button, enter the license information and click on OK. Then restart the program.

My license key doesn't work.

Please make sure you copy/paste the license information into the edit fields of the program. Also make sure you don't add a space in front or back of the strings. The license information is always your name and the serial that you get in your email with every order. The name and serial number are case sensitive.

Can I run my full version on more than one PC?

It's allowed as long as you don't use the product at the same time on different PCs. If you do it will result in problems with the license checking algorithm and may result in random crashes. So if you plan to use a product at the same time on different PCs please buy more than one license.

Are updates for the product free when I ordered it?

Yes, all updates are free for a lifetime. The program will check for new versions and will inform you about new updates. You can simply download it and install it over your current version (no deinstallation required).

Where do I find the update of my product?

Please go to our homepage http://www.gsa-online.de and click on the program you are interested in. On each page you will find a DOWNLOAD button. This is the demo version but will also be the update for you as this demo version will turn itself into a full version once you have entered the license information. Also note that you don't need to uninstall the old version. Just install the new version onto the current one.

Where do I find the full version to update my registered product?

Simply take the demo version as it is turning itself to a full version. Also see previous answer.

How often is the product updated?

That depends on the product. Products like the GSA Auto Website Submitter or GSA Auto SoftSubmit get updated almost every week since they require a lot changes for the submission sites. Other products get only updated if customers require special features who are worth for others as well or if we fixed bugs in it.

I have lost my license details. Can you send it?

Sure, that's no problem. Simply send us some details of your order like order id or email or something where we can verify you.

I have tried to contact you by phone/email but no reply.

We are sorry for this. But we (Germany) might live in a different time zone than you. We have also office closing times where we are not available at all (e.g. on weekends or holidays). We will contact you as soon as possible. Also note that the order process is fully independent. You can always order something since no interaction from us is required.

I get an error like "The ordinal 4369 could not be located in dynamic link library LIBEAY32.dll".

Thas because your OpenSSL DLLs might be damaged or outdated (at lest one of them). Go to slproweb.com to update them.